Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Friday, July 30, 2010

Chapter Seven-Need You Now

God my head hurts, I mumbled to myself standing up. I looked around realizing I was on my back porch. How I got here I don't know, or why my clothes are all messed up. I turned around to go inside, greeted by a note.
Went to store, be back later.
Great so I have the house to myself, I said. After eating breakfast and taking medicine for my head, I sat down to collect my thoughts. I only remembered bits and pieces of what happened last night. Billy grabbing me and dragging me somewhere, something hitting my head, going to the library. After that everything was blank, only one thing I was sure of and that was my whole body ached.
RING RING, my cell phone sang.
Hello? I answered groggily.
Hey Stacey, what's wrong? You sound sick, are you okay? Tommy said worriedly into the phone.
Um, I don't know Tommy.
Want to come over?
Sure, let me get ready I just woke up. I sighed, my head was still pounding.
Okay well see you when you get here.
Wait...can you come get me?

I'll explain later.
Okay, bye Stacey.
Maybe Tommy will make me feel better, he knows how to do that. I showered and got dressed, left a note for dad and left with Tommy. When we got to his house we went to his room and started watching tv.
Tommy...something happened last night.
What? He asked putting his arm around me.
I don't know, when I was on my way home last night I stopped at the library and it was getting dark so I was running home, and...
And? What happened?
I ran into this guy Billy, I explained to him what happened, at least what I remember. The next thing I know I'm on my porch and my whole body hurts.

Do you think you need a doctor? Was anybody with him?
No and I don't think so, but Tommy I'm really scared. I looked down trying not to cry. I'm not sure I even want to know what happened.
I'm going to kill him...
Tommy, I appreciate it but he's older and bigger. Let's just...forget it happened.
I can't do that Stace.
Please for me, I begged. I kissed his cheek and rest my head on his shoulder. I'm fine Tommy, really.
Fine, he sighed.
The next day at school, Christi and Deena gawked at Tommy and me as we walked down the hallway.
How the hell! I heard Christi whisper, I just looked at her and smiled.
After a couple weeks they gave up trying to break us up and everything went back to almost 'normal,' the only difference was that my stomach was hurting a lot.

Chapter Six-Keep Holdin' On

So Tommy and I hung out the next day too, I ate dinner at his house and watched a movie with him. Another perfect day, I thought to myself smiling. Even though it was kind of cold outside I decided to walk home today, it wasn't that far and I knew the way. I had plenty of time to get home though so I stopped at the library and got two books. It was getting dark so I went the shortest way I could to get to my house, running through yards and cutting through alleys. I stopped to rest for a second when all of a sudden I heard something behind me, I turned around but didn't see anything.
Hey little girl, isn't it a little late for you to be out? Somebody asked from nowhere.
Instead of replying I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, which of course I ran right into the voice. Whoever it was grabbed me and I looked up to see who's arms were holding me. I was shocked to see Billy Saner, a "popular" senior. Um, Billy...let me go! I yelled trying to shake the horror out of my voice.
Now why would I do that? I'm throwing a party and your on the guest list. he said, smiling widely at me.
I don't care!! I screamed trying to wiggle free.
Don't be like that little girl, he chuckled. Come on, and don't try to fight with me, he snarled pulling me to wherever he was going.
LET ME GO! I screamed as loud as I could. Then, all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and everything went black.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chapter Five-La La La

I looked at Tommy and smiled, I was having a great time with him. We watched the new Nightmare on Elm Street then went to the park, standing next to him felt so right even if I just met him the other day.
"What time do you need to be home?" he asked, returning the smile.
"Um..I'm not sure," I said stopping to sit down on a bench.
"Okay well then, what would you like to do before I take you home?" he replied sitting down next to me.
"Umm well we could...walk some more or go play basketball over there," I said pointing towards the basketball goals.
"You like basketball? Then let's go," he smiled again grabbing my hand and leading me towards the goals.
The score ended up being Tommy-10 Me-12, "Better luck next time, Tommy."
"I let you win," he said laughing
"Sure you did, either way I won."
"Yeah," he said moving closer to me.
I looked at him, not being able to stop grinning, and all of a sudden we kissed. It wasn't a big romantic one like in movies, but it wasn't a really fast peck either. Whatever it was it was perfect and amazing.
"Congratulations," he said looking in my eyes.
"I- To- Oh my gosh!" I said surprised as ever.
He laughed, "Sorry."
"Don't be, but I do think it's time for me to go home. Don't think it's because of the kiss-I mean that was...I don't know but," I was so excited my mind was going 200 miles an hour, my words kept coming out all wrong.
"Come on," he said putting his arm around me. "Was that your first kiss?"
"Um no, was it yours?"
"," he sounded ashamed.
"Oh. Well uh, I had a great time Tommy." I didn't know what to say anymore he made my heart pound and my head spin, I almost felt dizzy just looking at him.
"I did too, do you want to come over tomorrow?"
"I'll have to ask my dad but sure," I said even though I meant to say no. Today was perfect and nothing I could think of would change it.

Chapter Four-Teenage Dream

I closed my eyes, laying on my bed listening to music was the only thing to make me smile now, even if my bed wasn't comfortable.
Maybe I like it! The way you move on the floor, Maybe I like it! C’mon and gimme some more, I sang to myself. Oh yes I like it! I-I I like it. I stood up and started dancing singing loudly into a hairbrush, until something hit my window. I turned around to see Tommy outside watching me. TOMMY! I hissed, opening my window. What are you doing?!
Me? You're the one rockin' out. Anyway I wanted to talk, you didn't read the rest of our note. Look I like you, okay? You're the only one to even look at me without making a twisted face.
Well, most of us don't welcome newbies
But you did, he said smiling. Thank-
Who are you talking to in there?! My dad yelled through the door furiously.
Nobody! I said, Tommy. You have to go, now! I whispered and shut my window.
The next day was Saturday so I didn't have much to do. I swept the floor, played with Jake, and watched TV. It was pretty boring until my phone rang, but i didn't recognize the number. Who are you and why are you calling me? I said into the phone.
Hey Stacey, I'm sorry about last night I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out today, like go see a movie or something?
Umm...okay what movie? I couldn't help but blush, I wasn't sure why Tommy kept talking to me but I liked it.
The new Freddy movie is out, unless you don't like scary movies, then there's some comedy's and romances.
I didn't know what to answer, scary movies were obviously make-out movies but I wasn't in the mood for romance and I didn't want to have a laughing fit in front of him. Scary movies are fine, I finally answered, feeling happy after I did.
Great! I'll pick you up at 7?
Okay, see you then Tommy, I said hanging up. I couldn't help but smiling and feeling butterfly's in my stomach. Everything was going great, I was getting an outfit together and I had the perfect shoes and makeup, until I realized I was going on a date with one of the hottest guys in school. What would happen if Christi or Deena found out?! They would find some way to tease me about it. Oh well, they say what they say, bottom line is they can't have what I've got. I said to myself, hearing Tommy at the door. I grabbed my purse, told my dad I was leaving, and headed out the door.

Chapter Three-Somebody to Love

Well the rest of the day at school was pretty much the same as usual, whispers as I walk down the hall, nobody to sit with at lunch, nothing new. The only thing different was the principal decided to call my dad and tell him I skipped second period, which in my defense isn't what happened I simply ran out of the classroom and didn't come back. My dad, of course, didn't care which happened the point was I wasn't in class.
No Christi and Deen-
I'm sorry dad..
So I ran to my room, grabbed my 4 year old mp3 player, my paperback copy of November Blues, and plopped down on my bed. I turned the mp3 player on my favorite song, Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo and opened my book. The next thing I remembered was the BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP of my annoying little clock. I jumped up, turned it off and got ready for school. At breakfast Dad hopped on the bus and prayed today would be better.Why am I not surprised? There's a note on my locker, BOYFRIEND STEALER-WANNABE!
I sighed and took it down, I opened my locker and jumped back fast to make sure nothing fell on me today. Thankfully nothing did, I grabbed my books, my pencil, and binder, and went to first period. When I opened my binder there was a note, folded neatly inside the first pocket.
What was that yesterday? I thought you were different Stacey!
I looked over at Tommy and sighed, Tommy I told you I'm not friends with them anymore..I don't talk to them I don't listen to them I try to not see them why can't you believe me? You really think I'd do that?
Well everyone picks on the new kid..and I don't know if you would I just moved here yesterday.
Well if you're going to believe them over me that's your own problem I didn't ask for anymore drama in my life.
I don't know what he wrote back because when he handed me the note I threw it away. Done with one person of drama, I told myself.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chapter Two-Outside Looking In

I know what you're thinking, what about your dad? Well he usually was on his computer playing his WoW (World of Warcraft.) When he wasn't doing that he was with his girlfriend, or yelling at me. My dad and I didn't really get along at all, we tried to avoid each other as much as possible. If we don't something like this will happen:STACEY!
Why did you leave your clothes on the floor?!?!?!? I TOLD YOU TO PICK THEM UP!
Bla. Bla. Bla. Pretty much every time I would get grounded. But enough about the other day and my dad, back to now.So today I was on my way to first period when I walked past a flyer that said: 8TH GRADE DANCE! BOYS CHOICE! MUSIC! PIZZA! SODA! 5:30-8:30 FRIDAY APRIL 14TH Wow, next Friday. Too bad nobody will ask me, I thought to myself. I turned around and bumped into somebody, both of us dropping our books. Oh sorry, I mumbled picking up my books.
It's okay, my fault I didn't see you, he replied collecting his things and helping me up.
I'm not surprised, I said sighing.
Whatcha mean? You new here like me or just ignored a lot?
Well I used to be friends with them, I said pointed to a crowd around Christi and Deena. But now just ignored. So you said you're new here, what class you heading to? I asked walking to the water fountain.
Science, worst class ever thought of if you ask me, he said frowning.
Oh, so am I, Ms. Redders is an okay teacher though. She doesn't give homework, no lectures or anything just lots of work in class, I explained walking towards the classroom.
Sounds like an easy A to me, he grinned. Hey, I didn't get your name, what is it? Mines Tommy,
Stacey, nice to meet you Tommy, I responded, returning the smile. We got to Ms. Redders room, I sat down in my seat while he went to find out where he was going to be assigned. Somehow, he got assigned to sit by me, while he walked over still grinning I started getting out my notes for science b
ut a folded up paper landed on my binder. I looked up but nobody was standing at my table. Hah, our luck right? So anyway back to our conversation, what's your next class?
I looked at Tommy with a puzzled expression, he nodded so I wrote back: Umm social studies, you? So where you from and why you move here in this nobody-town? You know if Ms. Redders catches us writing a note we'll get in big trouble.
Texas, my parents got a divorce and my dad decided to move here. Don't worry about her I'll take the blame if she does.
Your parents too? That stinks, mine did when I was little. I lived with my dad too, it kinda stinks, all he does is play WoW all day.
Well that does sound like it stinks..hey about the dance next Friday do you wanna go..with me?
I know what you're thinking again; wow I knew this would be a sappy story but she got the guy so fast? That's supposed to be at the end! Well I have some bad news for you just hold on don't put down this sappy story yet, but trust me I was thinking something like that too.BRLINNNGG the bell screamed, I grabbed the note, and the rest of my things and headed to second period. When I set my stuff down and pulled out the note and a pencil, I was just about to write when somebody walked up behind me.
So who's boyfriend is that? I turned to see Christi and Deena behind me reading the note.
Um, nobody's that I know of? What's it to you anyway! I replied angrily.
Deena snatched the note up and gave it to Christi. Look! Stacey's trying to steal another boyfriend! Christi said laughing. She started reading parts of the note, the only ones to make me look bad, and don't be surprised, she started making up stuff too. Naturally everyone thought her little show was hilarious. She threw the note back on my desk and started to turn around. Pathetic, she said nastily, walking off with Deena.
I was so embarrassed, but to make it worse I turned back to my desk to see Tommy standing there staring at me in shock.
You told them all of those lies? he asked with horror on his face. Why? You wanted to make my first day horrible? No, Tommy! I- I started to explain but he just wouldn't listen. I don't want to hear it, she was right you are pathetic, he said with disgust in his voice. I grabbed my books and ran out of the classroom, into the bathroom with tears running down my face. Why can't I have a normal life?

Chapter One-Goodbyes

They call me...well I dont know exactly what they call me. Since last year people turn to whisper about me as I walk down the hallways. Why? Well it's a long story, but before I tell you that, let me tell you about me first. When I was a little kid, about three or four my parents got a divorce. I don't remember why, or who moved where and when but I ended up with my dad. I haven't seen my mother since then, last I heard she was in Pennsylvania. Anyway, so after that happened my dad changed, he's not the same now. Bitter and old and wants everything his way, ever since then my life has been pretty bad. Okay, now you know that lets get back to what's wrong with my social life. When we were about five, Christi and I met; her dad and my mom working together and us being in the same kindergarten class. We had inseparable ever since. In 3rd grade Deena moved to town and Christi and I let her sit with us at lunch. The three of us ruled the school from then till 8th grade. Christi and Deena were the cheerleader, basketball, baseball type of girls who always seemed to have a boyfriend. Me? I was the one who always got A's and didn't do any sports or go to any games.So, I was sitting at home one day, reading November Blues, when Christi texted me: hey wat u up 2
Me: nothin readin bein bored
Christi: so same ol same ol?
Me: ya I guess wbu?
Christi: nothing watchin a movie w/ deena waitin for the party to start
Me: whers your parents?
Christi: not home
Me: and they let you have a party?
Christi: haha no but Phil and Dylan r over here, they brought the beer so we just gotta wait till people start showin up
Me: girl u gonna get hurt remember last time you got drunk?
Christi: nah ill b fine u shoul come ova!
Me: no way im not getting n trub 2, or worse have a prego scare
Christi: your such a goody 2 shoes!!
Me: im not the one gonna get preg at 16!
Christi: excuse me? If that's th way u wanna b then find someone else to talk to wtf stace
So there it was, we got in that little stupid fight which caused me to go from hangs with the populars to nobody. I didn't know at the time but Christi had already started texting people, making up rumors about me. Deena, being Christi's only best friend now, of course was right beside her texting other people for Christi. What rumors did they start? Well let's just say when I went to school it went something like this:LOOK! It's the whore! You know, the one that tried to convince Dylan to 'forget about Deena and do it with her?' They went on and on, Christi and Deena thought of more things to torture me with every day. One day I opened my locker to be greeted by a bucket of I think syrup, milk, melted chocolate, and feathers. Of course with my luck the nurse was at the elementary school and my dad was at work so I had to go to the bathroom and try to clean myself up. The only person I had left was Jake, my dog. He was a little Jack Russell Terrier, my mom gave him to me a long time ago before she left. My dad was always trying to get rid of him, give him away to his ex girlfriend or trying to guilt me into it but I wouldn't give in no matter what he said. So when I need something to cry on or hug Jake was always there.