Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


sorry the chapters are gonna be weird and out of order cuz instead of writing chapter 14 right now i'm going thru and editing the old crappy chapters, just watch wat order u read them in :P

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chapter 13-Cross My Heart

About 5 months, the doctor told Carl when we came back from my checkup. I'd say somewhere around May 21st the baby will be ready to come out.

I hadn't taken my eyes off Tommy since I came out from the back rooms, he looked excited but yet scared. It was then I noticed the policeman standing beside Carl, my eyes went wide.

May I talk to you for a minute Miss...Plaisance? He asked looking down at a notepad.

Um...Tommy, who's this?

I'm Officer Sanchiez, I'd like to question you about...Billy if you don't mind. He replied glancing at his notepad again.

Okay...I said, shaking as I sat down at a nearby chair, hoping that his interview wouldn't take long.

So can you tell me about your encounter with Billy? What happened exactly? He wrote notes while I explained to him everything I remembered. It seemed he'd never run out of questions, I kept glancing at the wall clock hoping I could go home but the interview was dragging on. One last question Stacey, why you? Why do you think he picked you?

I was dumbfounded, not knowing how to answer him without loosing it I just stared. Finally after a couple minutes I said, What the hell kind of questoin is that? Do you think I know why I got raped? Why he chose ME? I've been asking that question since it happened! Why? Why me? Aren't YOU supposed to figure that out?

He looked from me to Carl, then back to me not knowing how to reply. Okay, that should be enough, we'll be contacting you in a couple days after we get Mr. Saner's side of the story. Officer Sanchiez said, getting up and shaking Carl's hand.

Thank you Officer, Carl smiled. Well, now that the rough parts over lets go home, shall we?
Tommy sat in the back with me on the ride home, with his arm around me and my head resting on his shoulder. Are you okay, he whispered in my ear.
I don't know Tommy...are you sure we can go through with this?
What you mean you NOT have your baby? Stacey, it's way to late to have an abortion or anything like that, plus I may not be it's real dad but if you would let me I really look forward to being a father figure to it. Speaking of which, when can you find out what sex it is?
Oh Tommy, I love you, I said as I kissed him on the cheek. The doctor said probably next month we can look.
He smiled, I love you too Stacey.
I love you both! Carl said, I looked at Tommy trying to not laugh at the look on his face.
When we got home Carl sat us down in the living room, a serious look on his face. Stacey, as you should know babies cost a lot of money, we're going to have to figure something out here.
I'll get a job to pay for it, I replied. I hadn't even thought of the cost of a baby.
I'll help too, Tommy added holding my hand.
One other thing, for a pregnant girl the couch can not be comfortable. I'll be back later, Carl said grabbing his car keys. You kids stay here, don't do anything crazy. He left, a couple hours later he came back with a truck following him. A couple men unloaded something out of the bed and carried it to the guest bedroom. Box after box went into the room, finally everyone left and Carl disapeared, about an hour later Carl came out and threw a bandana at me. Cover your eyes, he said smiling, he looked so excited I thought he was going to explode.
Okay...I said and wrapped the bandana around my eyes. Tommy helped me feel my way to the guest room where an eager Carl waited. I heard Tommy gasp and I ripped my bandana off. My mouth fell open, layed out in front of me were a crib yet to be put together, a baby dresser, and other things needed for a nursery. Carl...what is all this?
Well I figured the baby would need a place to stay...and if I can trust you kids you may sleep in Tommy's room.
Where am I going to sleep? Tommy asked panickly.
In your room, Carl replied. I'm sure you both understand the consequences of sex so I can trust you right?
Carl, you're my hero. I said, I can't believe you did all this!
Later, in Tommy's room ready to fall asleep Tommy poked my side.
I just wanted to make sure you were awake, he said.
I'm awake, I said groggily.
I love you Stacey.
I smiled in the dark, Forever?
Forever, he said, I could see the faint outline of his smile.
You promise?
Cross my heart and hope to die, he said.
I love you too Tommy I said and wrapped my arms around him. We held eachother until we fell asleep, and I thought nothing could be more perfect then that moment.