Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chapter 14-What the Hell

The thought of another day at school really put me down the next morning. Tommy and I had just eaten breakfast and were waiting on Tommy's dad to get out of the bathroom.
Tommy, I said staring at my feet, I don't know if I can go back there...I..I want to drop out..or transfer at least.
He lifted my chin up, you'll be fine, he said smiling. I'll protect you I promise, he said as his dad came down the hallway.
All ready kids? He asked grabbing his keys.
Yeah, I said sighing, we're ready.
When we got to school there were no notes on any lockers, nothing jumping out at me, everything was normal at least until lunch. I was walking back to where Tommy was seated, tray in hands, when a foot shot out of nowhere. I fell and spilled my lunch all over me, Tommy rushed to help me up but the damage had already been done. I looked up to see who had tripped me, and saw Christi smirking.
Oops, she laughed, watch where you're going cow!
As Tommy helped me up someone mooed, and tears spilled out of my eyes.
Hey hey, it's okay, Tommy said wiping my eyes.
No! Tommy I can't do this! It's to much! I yelled, running toward the doors. He said something but I wasn't listening, I wanted out of there. I found myself in the nurses office and told her I was sick, and had spilled my lunch on me when I threw up. She gave me some new clothes and let me lay down. After lunch was over she made me go back to class to face more hell.
Finally when the school day ended, Tommy and I were walking out the school hand in hand. We were talking about a test that counted for 45% of our grade that was coming up when I stopped dead in my tracks. So surprised Tommy almost fell, and jerked to a stop too.
What are you staring at? He asked but I barely heard him, across the parking lot the devil himself was looking around. Looking for me. Tommy finally spotted him too, and tried to pull me towards the school again but it was to late. My father started walking toward us, waving and trying to look happy to see us, I almost fainted.

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