Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chapter Five-La La La

I looked at Tommy and smiled, I was having a great time with him. We watched the new Nightmare on Elm Street then went to the park, standing next to him felt so right even if I just met him the other day.
"What time do you need to be home?" he asked, returning the smile.
"Um..I'm not sure," I said stopping to sit down on a bench.
"Okay well then, what would you like to do before I take you home?" he replied sitting down next to me.
"Umm well we could...walk some more or go play basketball over there," I said pointing towards the basketball goals.
"You like basketball? Then let's go," he smiled again grabbing my hand and leading me towards the goals.
The score ended up being Tommy-10 Me-12, "Better luck next time, Tommy."
"I let you win," he said laughing
"Sure you did, either way I won."
"Yeah," he said moving closer to me.
I looked at him, not being able to stop grinning, and all of a sudden we kissed. It wasn't a big romantic one like in movies, but it wasn't a really fast peck either. Whatever it was it was perfect and amazing.
"Congratulations," he said looking in my eyes.
"I- To- Oh my gosh!" I said surprised as ever.
He laughed, "Sorry."
"Don't be, but I do think it's time for me to go home. Don't think it's because of the kiss-I mean that was...I don't know but," I was so excited my mind was going 200 miles an hour, my words kept coming out all wrong.
"Come on," he said putting his arm around me. "Was that your first kiss?"
"Um no, was it yours?"
"," he sounded ashamed.
"Oh. Well uh, I had a great time Tommy." I didn't know what to say anymore he made my heart pound and my head spin, I almost felt dizzy just looking at him.
"I did too, do you want to come over tomorrow?"
"I'll have to ask my dad but sure," I said even though I meant to say no. Today was perfect and nothing I could think of would change it.

Chapter Four-Teenage Dream

I closed my eyes, laying on my bed listening to music was the only thing to make me smile now, even if my bed wasn't comfortable.
Maybe I like it! The way you move on the floor, Maybe I like it! C’mon and gimme some more, I sang to myself. Oh yes I like it! I-I I like it. I stood up and started dancing singing loudly into a hairbrush, until something hit my window. I turned around to see Tommy outside watching me. TOMMY! I hissed, opening my window. What are you doing?!
Me? You're the one rockin' out. Anyway I wanted to talk, you didn't read the rest of our note. Look I like you, okay? You're the only one to even look at me without making a twisted face.
Well, most of us don't welcome newbies
But you did, he said smiling. Thank-
Who are you talking to in there?! My dad yelled through the door furiously.
Nobody! I said, Tommy. You have to go, now! I whispered and shut my window.
The next day was Saturday so I didn't have much to do. I swept the floor, played with Jake, and watched TV. It was pretty boring until my phone rang, but i didn't recognize the number. Who are you and why are you calling me? I said into the phone.
Hey Stacey, I'm sorry about last night I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out today, like go see a movie or something?
Umm...okay what movie? I couldn't help but blush, I wasn't sure why Tommy kept talking to me but I liked it.
The new Freddy movie is out, unless you don't like scary movies, then there's some comedy's and romances.
I didn't know what to answer, scary movies were obviously make-out movies but I wasn't in the mood for romance and I didn't want to have a laughing fit in front of him. Scary movies are fine, I finally answered, feeling happy after I did.
Great! I'll pick you up at 7?
Okay, see you then Tommy, I said hanging up. I couldn't help but smiling and feeling butterfly's in my stomach. Everything was going great, I was getting an outfit together and I had the perfect shoes and makeup, until I realized I was going on a date with one of the hottest guys in school. What would happen if Christi or Deena found out?! They would find some way to tease me about it. Oh well, they say what they say, bottom line is they can't have what I've got. I said to myself, hearing Tommy at the door. I grabbed my purse, told my dad I was leaving, and headed out the door.

Chapter Three-Somebody to Love

Well the rest of the day at school was pretty much the same as usual, whispers as I walk down the hall, nobody to sit with at lunch, nothing new. The only thing different was the principal decided to call my dad and tell him I skipped second period, which in my defense isn't what happened I simply ran out of the classroom and didn't come back. My dad, of course, didn't care which happened the point was I wasn't in class.
No Christi and Deen-
I'm sorry dad..
So I ran to my room, grabbed my 4 year old mp3 player, my paperback copy of November Blues, and plopped down on my bed. I turned the mp3 player on my favorite song, Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo and opened my book. The next thing I remembered was the BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP of my annoying little clock. I jumped up, turned it off and got ready for school. At breakfast Dad hopped on the bus and prayed today would be better.Why am I not surprised? There's a note on my locker, BOYFRIEND STEALER-WANNABE!
I sighed and took it down, I opened my locker and jumped back fast to make sure nothing fell on me today. Thankfully nothing did, I grabbed my books, my pencil, and binder, and went to first period. When I opened my binder there was a note, folded neatly inside the first pocket.
What was that yesterday? I thought you were different Stacey!
I looked over at Tommy and sighed, Tommy I told you I'm not friends with them anymore..I don't talk to them I don't listen to them I try to not see them why can't you believe me? You really think I'd do that?
Well everyone picks on the new kid..and I don't know if you would I just moved here yesterday.
Well if you're going to believe them over me that's your own problem I didn't ask for anymore drama in my life.
I don't know what he wrote back because when he handed me the note I threw it away. Done with one person of drama, I told myself.