Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chapter One-Goodbyes

They call me...well I dont know exactly what they call me. Since last year people turn to whisper about me as I walk down the hallways. Why? Well it's a long story, but before I tell you that, let me tell you about me first. When I was a little kid, about three or four my parents got a divorce. I don't remember why, or who moved where and when but I ended up with my dad. I haven't seen my mother since then, last I heard she was in Pennsylvania. Anyway, so after that happened my dad changed, he's not the same now. Bitter and old and wants everything his way, ever since then my life has been pretty bad. Okay, now you know that lets get back to what's wrong with my social life. When we were about five, Christi and I met; her dad and my mom working together and us being in the same kindergarten class. We had inseparable ever since. In 3rd grade Deena moved to town and Christi and I let her sit with us at lunch. The three of us ruled the school from then till 8th grade. Christi and Deena were the cheerleader, basketball, baseball type of girls who always seemed to have a boyfriend. Me? I was the one who always got A's and didn't do any sports or go to any games.So, I was sitting at home one day, reading November Blues, when Christi texted me: hey wat u up 2
Me: nothin readin bein bored
Christi: so same ol same ol?
Me: ya I guess wbu?
Christi: nothing watchin a movie w/ deena waitin for the party to start
Me: whers your parents?
Christi: not home
Me: and they let you have a party?
Christi: haha no but Phil and Dylan r over here, they brought the beer so we just gotta wait till people start showin up
Me: girl u gonna get hurt remember last time you got drunk?
Christi: nah ill b fine u shoul come ova!
Me: no way im not getting n trub 2, or worse have a prego scare
Christi: your such a goody 2 shoes!!
Me: im not the one gonna get preg at 16!
Christi: excuse me? If that's th way u wanna b then find someone else to talk to wtf stace
So there it was, we got in that little stupid fight which caused me to go from hangs with the populars to nobody. I didn't know at the time but Christi had already started texting people, making up rumors about me. Deena, being Christi's only best friend now, of course was right beside her texting other people for Christi. What rumors did they start? Well let's just say when I went to school it went something like this:LOOK! It's the whore! You know, the one that tried to convince Dylan to 'forget about Deena and do it with her?' They went on and on, Christi and Deena thought of more things to torture me with every day. One day I opened my locker to be greeted by a bucket of I think syrup, milk, melted chocolate, and feathers. Of course with my luck the nurse was at the elementary school and my dad was at work so I had to go to the bathroom and try to clean myself up. The only person I had left was Jake, my dog. He was a little Jack Russell Terrier, my mom gave him to me a long time ago before she left. My dad was always trying to get rid of him, give him away to his ex girlfriend or trying to guilt me into it but I wouldn't give in no matter what he said. So when I need something to cry on or hug Jake was always there.

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