Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chapter Two-Outside Looking In

I know what you're thinking, what about your dad? Well he usually was on his computer playing his WoW (World of Warcraft.) When he wasn't doing that he was with his girlfriend, or yelling at me. My dad and I didn't really get along at all, we tried to avoid each other as much as possible. If we don't something like this will happen:STACEY!
Why did you leave your clothes on the floor?!?!?!? I TOLD YOU TO PICK THEM UP!
Bla. Bla. Bla. Pretty much every time I would get grounded. But enough about the other day and my dad, back to now.So today I was on my way to first period when I walked past a flyer that said: 8TH GRADE DANCE! BOYS CHOICE! MUSIC! PIZZA! SODA! 5:30-8:30 FRIDAY APRIL 14TH Wow, next Friday. Too bad nobody will ask me, I thought to myself. I turned around and bumped into somebody, both of us dropping our books. Oh sorry, I mumbled picking up my books.
It's okay, my fault I didn't see you, he replied collecting his things and helping me up.
I'm not surprised, I said sighing.
Whatcha mean? You new here like me or just ignored a lot?
Well I used to be friends with them, I said pointed to a crowd around Christi and Deena. But now just ignored. So you said you're new here, what class you heading to? I asked walking to the water fountain.
Science, worst class ever thought of if you ask me, he said frowning.
Oh, so am I, Ms. Redders is an okay teacher though. She doesn't give homework, no lectures or anything just lots of work in class, I explained walking towards the classroom.
Sounds like an easy A to me, he grinned. Hey, I didn't get your name, what is it? Mines Tommy,
Stacey, nice to meet you Tommy, I responded, returning the smile. We got to Ms. Redders room, I sat down in my seat while he went to find out where he was going to be assigned. Somehow, he got assigned to sit by me, while he walked over still grinning I started getting out my notes for science b
ut a folded up paper landed on my binder. I looked up but nobody was standing at my table. Hah, our luck right? So anyway back to our conversation, what's your next class?
I looked at Tommy with a puzzled expression, he nodded so I wrote back: Umm social studies, you? So where you from and why you move here in this nobody-town? You know if Ms. Redders catches us writing a note we'll get in big trouble.
Texas, my parents got a divorce and my dad decided to move here. Don't worry about her I'll take the blame if she does.
Your parents too? That stinks, mine did when I was little. I lived with my dad too, it kinda stinks, all he does is play WoW all day.
Well that does sound like it stinks..hey about the dance next Friday do you wanna go..with me?
I know what you're thinking again; wow I knew this would be a sappy story but she got the guy so fast? That's supposed to be at the end! Well I have some bad news for you just hold on don't put down this sappy story yet, but trust me I was thinking something like that too.BRLINNNGG the bell screamed, I grabbed the note, and the rest of my things and headed to second period. When I set my stuff down and pulled out the note and a pencil, I was just about to write when somebody walked up behind me.
So who's boyfriend is that? I turned to see Christi and Deena behind me reading the note.
Um, nobody's that I know of? What's it to you anyway! I replied angrily.
Deena snatched the note up and gave it to Christi. Look! Stacey's trying to steal another boyfriend! Christi said laughing. She started reading parts of the note, the only ones to make me look bad, and don't be surprised, she started making up stuff too. Naturally everyone thought her little show was hilarious. She threw the note back on my desk and started to turn around. Pathetic, she said nastily, walking off with Deena.
I was so embarrassed, but to make it worse I turned back to my desk to see Tommy standing there staring at me in shock.
You told them all of those lies? he asked with horror on his face. Why? You wanted to make my first day horrible? No, Tommy! I- I started to explain but he just wouldn't listen. I don't want to hear it, she was right you are pathetic, he said with disgust in his voice. I grabbed my books and ran out of the classroom, into the bathroom with tears running down my face. Why can't I have a normal life?

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