Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chapter 12-Secrets

About 10 minutes later I was sitting in the principles office crying my eyes out, Tommy sitting next to me holding my hand.
What’s the meaning of this Mz. Plaisance? The principle said holding out the paper.
I looked at it again, reading the words “Pregnant slut’s locker. Whore.” It went on, people had signed it at the bottom.
I…I don’t know sir. I said choking back tears.
Mr. Robbins, Deena and Chri- Tommy tried to explain who taped it to my locker.
I DIDN’T ASK YOU! He roared. Why are these kids calling you this Mz. Plaisance?
Billy Saner um raped her Mr. Robbins. He got her pregnant and told the school I guess.
I shot Tommy a hurt, disapointed look then looked back at Mr. Robbins.
Is this true? Mr. Robbins said wide eyed.
Um…yes sir…
When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell anyone?
About 4 or 5 months ago sir. I didn’t want this to happen. My dad kicked me out, I live with Tommy now, his dad doesn’t know.
How’d you pull that off?
Baggy clothes and fake allergies sir…
Well I’ll just call Tommy’s father right now.
No sir please don’t! He didn’t listen, 2 minutes later he was talking into the phone, and Tommy’s dad rushed to the school to pick us both up. I was suspended for the rest of the day, Tommy had an excuse. Deena and Christi would have a ‘strict talk about behavior’ he had said. When we got to Tommy’s we sat on the couch across from Tommy’s dad.
What’s going on you two?
Thankfully Mr. Robbins hadn’t said exactly what was going on just that he needed to get us right away. Well, um dad…we need to tell you something. Tommy said.
What is it? Spit it out boy!
I looked down, I’m pregnant Mr. Blirt…
What?? Tommy how could you let-
It’s not his baby Mr. Blirt…
This boy, Billy Saner, from school dad he raped her.
At that he went quiet. He just looked at us and looked at us, finally he talked. Well I guess we’d better get you to a doctor then.
I smiled then, he’d always been understanding, I’m sorry Mr. Blirt, I said.
It’s not your fault sweety, he said grabbing his car keys. And you know better, call me Carl, he said winking.
Tommy squeezed my hand as we walked to the car, maybe, just maybe things will be okay, I thought to myself.

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