Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chapter Five-La La La

I looked at Tommy and smiled, I was having a great time with him. We watched the new Nightmare on Elm Street then went to the park, standing next to him felt so right even if I just met him the other day.
"What time do you need to be home?" he asked, returning the smile.
"Um..I'm not sure," I said stopping to sit down on a bench.
"Okay well then, what would you like to do before I take you home?" he replied sitting down next to me.
"Umm well we could...walk some more or go play basketball over there," I said pointing towards the basketball goals.
"You like basketball? Then let's go," he smiled again grabbing my hand and leading me towards the goals.
The score ended up being Tommy-10 Me-12, "Better luck next time, Tommy."
"I let you win," he said laughing
"Sure you did, either way I won."
"Yeah," he said moving closer to me.
I looked at him, not being able to stop grinning, and all of a sudden we kissed. It wasn't a big romantic one like in movies, but it wasn't a really fast peck either. Whatever it was it was perfect and amazing.
"Congratulations," he said looking in my eyes.
"I- To- Oh my gosh!" I said surprised as ever.
He laughed, "Sorry."
"Don't be, but I do think it's time for me to go home. Don't think it's because of the kiss-I mean that was...I don't know but," I was so excited my mind was going 200 miles an hour, my words kept coming out all wrong.
"Come on," he said putting his arm around me. "Was that your first kiss?"
"Um no, was it yours?"
"," he sounded ashamed.
"Oh. Well uh, I had a great time Tommy." I didn't know what to say anymore he made my heart pound and my head spin, I almost felt dizzy just looking at him.
"I did too, do you want to come over tomorrow?"
"I'll have to ask my dad but sure," I said even though I meant to say no. Today was perfect and nothing I could think of would change it.

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