Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Friday, July 30, 2010

Chapter Seven-Need You Now

God my head hurts, I mumbled to myself standing up. I looked around realizing I was on my back porch. How I got here I don't know, or why my clothes are all messed up. I turned around to go inside, greeted by a note.
Went to store, be back later.
Great so I have the house to myself, I said. After eating breakfast and taking medicine for my head, I sat down to collect my thoughts. I only remembered bits and pieces of what happened last night. Billy grabbing me and dragging me somewhere, something hitting my head, going to the library. After that everything was blank, only one thing I was sure of and that was my whole body ached.
RING RING, my cell phone sang.
Hello? I answered groggily.
Hey Stacey, what's wrong? You sound sick, are you okay? Tommy said worriedly into the phone.
Um, I don't know Tommy.
Want to come over?
Sure, let me get ready I just woke up. I sighed, my head was still pounding.
Okay well see you when you get here.
Wait...can you come get me?

I'll explain later.
Okay, bye Stacey.
Maybe Tommy will make me feel better, he knows how to do that. I showered and got dressed, left a note for dad and left with Tommy. When we got to his house we went to his room and started watching tv.
Tommy...something happened last night.
What? He asked putting his arm around me.
I don't know, when I was on my way home last night I stopped at the library and it was getting dark so I was running home, and...
And? What happened?
I ran into this guy Billy, I explained to him what happened, at least what I remember. The next thing I know I'm on my porch and my whole body hurts.

Do you think you need a doctor? Was anybody with him?
No and I don't think so, but Tommy I'm really scared. I looked down trying not to cry. I'm not sure I even want to know what happened.
I'm going to kill him...
Tommy, I appreciate it but he's older and bigger. Let's just...forget it happened.
I can't do that Stace.
Please for me, I begged. I kissed his cheek and rest my head on his shoulder. I'm fine Tommy, really.
Fine, he sighed.
The next day at school, Christi and Deena gawked at Tommy and me as we walked down the hallway.
How the hell! I heard Christi whisper, I just looked at her and smiled.
After a couple weeks they gave up trying to break us up and everything went back to almost 'normal,' the only difference was that my stomach was hurting a lot.

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