Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chapter Eight-Just the Way You Are

Well this isn't right at all...I thought to myself. For some reason I was a week late and I didn't understand why, but it was scaring me. I haven't done there shouldn't be anything to worry about right? I don't know, but I was trying to not let it get to me.
RINGRING!! My phone screamed as I ran to get it.

Hey, Stacey. I heard Tommy say into the phone. I smiled, he's just who I needed to talk to.

Hey, what's up?
Nothing, wanna hang out tonight?

Sure, I replied trying to not sound to eager. An hour later I was at The Burger Hut with Tommy, laughing and smiling the whole time. I wasn't thinking of anything except Tommy and how much I liked him and I started to wonder how long we'd last, hoping that it'd be forever.

Here, I got this for you, he said sliding a small box across the table.

What for? I asked curiously as I opened the box. My mouth dropped open when I saw the silver chain, hanging on the chain was two hearts hooked together. I looked up at Tommy, still speachless, he was smiling from ear to ear at my reaction.

Do you like it?

Where'd you find it? What's this for? Tommy this is perfect but...if I'd known you got me something I-

Shh Stace, it's just because your the greatest girl I've ever met. My mom gave it to me before my parents got a divorce and told me to give it to a special girl when I meet her, so I did.

I put the necklace on, still not knowing what to say, today was going great and nothing could ruin it-that I could think of at least. Out of nowhere my stomach felt like it flipped and I ran to the bathroom afraid I was going to throw up. When I came back out I apologized and told him my stomach was just hurting a little that was all, so we went back to his house and hung out with his older brother Alec, who's about 17.
The next day I woke up and ran straight to the bathroom again I didn't understand why I was so sick but I didn't think anything of it so I just ignored it. After my stomach settled down Tommy called and asked how his amazingly perfect girl was.

Not to great, stomach still hurts, I sighed.

Anything I can do?

Well I'd ask you to come over but, I looked at myself in the mirror, I'm a mess right now, just got up.

You'll look perfect just the way you are Stace.
To that I smiled, feeling the same old butterflies in my stomach.
Okay, I said finally, I'll be outside on the porch, see you then. I was about to hang up when I heard him, barely, he sounded quiet and nervous.


Yeah Tommy?

I love you.

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