Life as a Nobody

Life as a Nobody

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chapter Nine-Here Comes Goodbye

It had been about a month since we had said I love you for the first time, and now I knew what was so wrong, the test was positive but I didn't understand how. Right now I was sitting on my front porch, resting my head on the wall trying to think back, when I realized what happened one word came to my mind. Billy.
Oh my gosh, Billy...this was horrible, going to ruin my life, I'll have to run to Canada or something. Then something hit me, Tommy, what would Tommy say? What would he do? I looked down, all I could do was cry.
God please don't let me lose Tommy, this is a horrible horrible mistake.

I prayed and prayed not knowing what else to do, thankfully I was alone outside and it was getting dark. Though the "populars" still bugged me at school I had gone from a total nobody bug on students' windshields to a 3rd wheel at parties and games, and every once in a while Tommy's friend would say hi and walk off, on good days. Ben, one of Tommys best friends, walked by and saw me crying.
Whats wrong?
Nothing just..go away okay?
Okay...he said. As he walked off he grabbed his phone and dialed someones number, whos I don't know but I was about to find out.
About 5 minutes later Tommy was there and had his arm around me.
Stace whats wrong?!
Tommy I can't tell'll hate me.

Stace just tell me please I won't be mad.
I sighed and looked at Tommy, Tommy...I'm pregnant. I had to turn away, the look on his face was to horrible for me to bear. One thing went through my mind, here comes goodbye.

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